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Here are a few links that we find useful, listed under Labour movement, Anti-EU and Marxist classics. If you know of others you think we should be putting up please email with the full URL.

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Labour movement

Trades Union Congress (for a full listing of TUC affiliated unions)


The following somewhat varied sites may be worth a visit:

Free Britain website
Campaign against Euro-Federalism
Documents on "The Euro: The Battle for British Hearts and Minds" and "Spinning Europe: Pro-EU Propaganda Campaigns in Britain, 1962-1975"

Marxist classics

Almost everything ever written is now available on the Web. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Marx & Engels, The Communist Manifesto
Marx, Wage Labour and Capital
Marx, Critique of the Gotha Programme
Lenin, What Is To Be Done?
Lenin, The State and Revolution
Mao, On Practice
Stalin, Foundations of Leninism
Stalin, Dialectical and Historical Materialism

Other links

Here are some other links which may be of interest.

Union Songs
Strawberry Thieves Socialist Choir